Dear Greater New Orleans Community Members,

In the midst of the racial tension and uproar ravaging our nation, we declare that we support the peace and progress of Black and brown people in our city. The beauty of New Orleans, our culture, is rooted in a mixture of Black, Native American, white, creole, Haitian, French and Spanish cultures. Our food and music are all rooted in this mixture and we are proud of it.

Our Aim

We stand in solidarity with our Black neighbors and all people of color. We aim to recognize and celebrate those who actively support racial justice and a UNITED community in New Orleans.


JOIN US for the Greater New Orleans Unity Vigil on June 19, 2020 at 8:46 p.m. Shine a light into your community by turning on a PURPLE or GREEN light from your porch that lets everyone know that you stand with us to embrace unity, peace and love for Black and brown people.

Why We Shine the Light

As residents of New Orleans we choose to shine a light on those attitudes which reflect the best of our city. New Orleans loves EVERYONE. We are not a perfect city. We have areas that we wish to improve upon yet we love our city enough to protect it and cherish it for our families to enjoy. We aim to spread love and celebrate with those who also believe in a UNITED community, Racial Justice and a peaceful co-existence in New Orleans. The general vibe in New Orleans is to welcome and embrace all ethnicities because we are dedicated to creating a culture that celebrates life.

What To Do

At 8 p.m. on June 19, 2020 turn on your PURPLE or GREEN light and stand on your porch. Take a look around at your neighbors. Clap, cheer or wave to those who have taken a public stand against racial injustice. These are your friends and allies. Send peace and healing vibes to everyone you see as well as those who have declined to participate. Pray that we have the courage to change the things we can for people of color in our lives everyday, that love will triumph over hate and that we can be the change our society needs.

Who Can Participate?

All residents of Greater New Orleans are welcome to join in the celebration for racial justice and unity in our community. Participate safely from your porch!

Why Purple or Green Lights?

The PURPLE or GREEN lights symbolize support for RACIAL JUSTICE for the Black members of our community. These colors were chosen for accessibility because many New Orleanians already own these color bulbs in celebration of Mardi Gras and can use them again. If for some reason, you are unable to procure colored lights use these alternatives to participate:

  • Make a sign that represents spreading peace, love, justice for our Black and brown skinned neighbors and hang visibly under your porch light. Examples– Nola Shines 4 Racial Justice, New Orleans LOVES Black People, Black Lives Matter
  • Decorate your porch or front door in green or purple garland or other visible decorations.
  • Make a green or purple flag to wave.

How Can You Help?

You can help this movement by ASKING YOUR NEIGHBORS to participate. Print out flyers and hand them to your neighbors so that everyone is aware of the event on June 19, 2020. If you are able to purchase purple or green bulbs or lights to give away with the flyers that would be even better! DOWNLOAD FLYER

Are You Accepting Donations?

No cash donations will be accepted to fund the vigil. All efforts are voluntary. You can always support by printing the flyers and passing them out and/or purchasing green or purple lights to give to your neighbors who may not have them.

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DOWNLOAD PDF Flyer to distribute HERE

New Orleans Residents Support Racial Unity

I’m new to New Orleans. I have lived from coast to coast and this is the first city where I have been embraced without negative energy from other races. I feel lucky to live here!

— Te-Erika, Unity Vigil Organizer/ St. Claude Resident

I think most White New Orleanians don’t have a hatred of black people. We just want everyone to do well and have a good time. Our mixing of cultures has made a gumbo where I think everyone respects one another.

— Michael Hayman, MD/ Uptown Resident

Keeping a porch light on to symbolize the sons and daughters that can’t come home to their mamas tonight and the heart break in my soul from George Floyd calling out to his mama. Sadness that is compounded by not only the inequality and unjustness of his death/murder but also others, The porch light vigil is to symbolically show my support in solidarity with every mama whose son or daughter can’t make it home tonight and seeks the love their child deserved. Love is the answer.

— Lora Ann Klaviter Delhom/ Gretna Resident